Miss Watson relates similar feelings in her interview, speaking of her experiences filming the Harry Potter series, the budding romance between characters Hermione and Ron, her win at the ITV Movie Awards, and the diary she keeps of "funny little things I said or thought." She goes on to say of this:
EMMA WATSON: ...I also have memory boxes filled with things from the early films, including bits of the chess set. I have funny bits and pieces that they let us keep.
QUESTION: Might all of that be helpful for an autobiography one day?
EMMA WATSON: No, I couldn't see myself doing that. It's too strange and weird looking back on that little girl. I'm very self-critical so I find it hard to watch the early films again. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was a film I was proud of, but I had to watch it three or four times before I could calm myself down and stay focused on my performance.