The Guardian's Half-Blood Prince set report


A very, very lengthy and detailed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince set report has been posted by The Guardian. In it, the reporter speaks with several cast and crew members and gives us a great look at how impressive the Potter franchise is.

Of particular interest was this information concerning WB's involvement with the films:

According to everyone I speak to at Leavesden, Warners has been remarkably hands off. It's only when Yates started to get a bit arty on The Half-Blood Prince that the studio had something to say.
"The only major run-in we've had since I came on board is regarding the look of this film. We had a fairly major negotiation about its look. Bruno Delbonnel, who was also cinematographer on Amelie, made it look very distinct and different to the previous Potters by using all these monochromatic washes. The studio wanted more colour added to it and we obliged. And actually it's no less artful with the new grade; it looks more beautiful, more inviting. When you're sending 28,000 prints around the world to goodness knows how many cultures, you need a show that pulls you in."