In the Q&A with actor Dan Radcliffe, the young discusses his desires to work on projects outside Harry Potter, the feelings upon filming the final films ("[Harry Potter] does act as a safety net, in a way, when you're going off to make something else. Knowing that you don't have that will be sad. I'll be sad to leave the character behind and not see the friends I've made on a daily basis"), his love for indie rock, and his thoughts on the different sides of Harry the sixth film with show. To this, he relates:
DAN RADCLIFFE: There's friction in this film it's much more to do with Ron and Hermione than it is to do with Harry. Harry is unhappy for a lot of this film, mainly because people keep trying to kill him. And his love life is awful, too. That's what Jo [JK Rowling] does so well: combining everyday, mundane problems with this incredible other world.