This i consider as one of the most important scenes cut off from the original film. In this scene Colin introduces him as a muggle born and has a extra talk with harry about his muggle parents so heres the scene and the original excerpt from the book HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS.

Any one who likes to watch the clip in very good quality can post a request and i will send u the links for downloading them.(Most of the clips are from 10-20MB)
Looking up, he saw the very small, mousy-haired boy he'd seen trying on the sorting Hat last night staring at Harry as though transfixed. He was clutching what looked like an ordinary Muggle camera, and the moment Harry looked at him, he went bright red. "All right, Harry? I'm -I'm Colin Creevey," he said breathlessly, taking a tentative step forward. "I'm in Gryffindor, too. D'you think - would it be all right if - can I have a picture?" he said, raising the camera hopefully. "A picture?" Harry repeated blankly. "So I can prove I've met you," said Colin Creevey eagerly, edging further forward. "I know all about you. Everyone's told me. About how you survived when You-Know-Who tried to kill you and how he disappeared and everything and how you've still got a lightning scar on your forehead" (his eyes raked Harry's hairline) "and a boy in my dormitory said if I develop the film in the right potion, the pictures'll move." Colin drew a great shuddering breath of excitement and said, "It's amazing here, isn't it? I never knew all the odd stuff I could do was magic till I got the letter from Hogwarts. My dad's a milkman, he couldn't believe it either. So I'm taking loads of pictures to send home to him. And it'd be really good if I had one of you" - he looked imploringly at Harry - "maybe your friend could take it and I could
stand next to you? And then, could you sign it?"



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