Here is a list of all the various cut scenes in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS

**Cut scene of Dobby and the cake.

**Cut scene in Borgin and Burke's where Lucius and Draco Malfoy come in and Harry has to hide. Lucius has come in to see some of his dark arts materials due to all the raids. (This is a more chilling introduction to Lucius.)

**Another Borgin and Burke's scene where Borgin catches Harry on his way out

**Cut scene flying car scene when they are taking off from King's Cross

**Harry finds Filch's Kwikspell letter when he is leaving Snape's office upon arrival at Hogwarts.

**Cut scene introduction of Colin Creevy where he says he's muggleborn.

**Lockhart's pop quiz ... all about himself. **Cut scene Dueling Club scene where Justin introduces himself as a muggleborn.

**Cut scene after Harry finds out he's parseltounge. Harry reflects on who he is up a hill over looking the lake.

**Cut scene study hall scene Harry overhears the Ernie, Hannah, & other Hufflepuffs talking about him.

**Cut scene where Fred and George tease Harry about being the heir of Slytherin and even Harry begins to doubt himself.

**Hermione says she got the slytherin robes from the laundry when she is brewing the polyjuice potion.

**Crabbe and Goyle meet Ron and Harry dressed like them after waking up from the sleeping draught.

**Harry and Ron visit Hermione in hospital (after the cat incident.) They have found Tom Riddle's diary and Ron says he recognises the name off a trophy. Leads into ...Cut scene Harry bumps into Hagrid on the corridor and Hagrid says he's been up to Dumbledore's office about the pheasant killings.

** Harry gets his invisibility cloak out his trunk and covers Ron and himself with it before going to Hagrid's hut.



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