Shell Cottage Filming


The Trio, Luna and Griphook arrive wounded on the beach outside Shell Cottage. In these photos you can see Dan Radcliffe as Harry as he immediately arrives, as Ron (Rupert Grint) helping a wounded Hermione, and they then go over to a still prone Harry as Griphook walks around, still clutching his sword. Bill Weasley (Domhnall Gleeson) rushes over to see the scene as he is joined by Luna (Evanna Lynch). Also noteworthy is this of Evanna and Domhnall walking with the waves crashing behind them on the windy beach. More of Rupert, Dan and Rupert waiting as they prepare the sand for filming are available. Also of note is this of the fleet of WB prop and equipment trucks lined up in a row, looming over Shell Cottage below,with the photo of the crew tidying up around the cottage as cattle and sheep graze in the hills behind them.