Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince New Katiebell And Harry Photo


Ok lets guess the scene. As for as reading from the book there can be only one scene where Harry and Katie seem to meet in the Dining hall( from the background). I shuld be the scene where Katie returns back from the Mungo's after being cursed by the Malfoy's necklace.
""I'm really well!" she said happily. "They let me out of St. Mungos on Monday, I had a couple of days at home with Mum and Dad and then came back here this morning. Leanne was just telling me about McLaggen and the last match, Harry. . . ." "Yeah," said Harry, "well, now you're back and Ron's fit, we'll have a decent chance of thrashing Ravenclaw, which means we could still be in the running for the Cup. Listen, Katie . . ." He had to put the question to her at once; his curiosity even drove Ginny temporarily from his brain. He dropped his voice as Katie's friends started gathering up their things; apparently they were late for Transfiguration. ". . . that necklace . . . can you remember who gave it to you now?" "No," said Katie, shaking her head ruefully. "Everyone's been asking me, but I haven't got a clue. The last thing I remember was walking into the ladies' in the Three Broomsticks."