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The story starts with the muggle prime minister thinking about the various disasters that had happened in the previous weeks. Followed by FUDGE arriving there worn out and defeated. The muggle prime minister thinks about the day when he had taken up the office and how he had encountered Fudge for the first time.He was horrified at the very thouqht .How he had explained about the muggles and wizards and other important facts. Later he had to feel cracked when he again met fudge when he had come to describe about Sirius black. But today he had come over to introduce the new minister of magic Rufus
"My dear Prime Minister, you can't honestly think I'm still Minister of Magic after all this? I was sacked three days ago! The whole Wizarding community has
been screaming for my resignation for a fortnight. I've never known them so
united in my whole term of office!" said Fudge, with a brave attempt at a smile.
The Prime Minister was momentarily lost for words. Despite his indignation at
the position into which he had been placed, he still rather felt for the shrunkenlooking man sitting opposite him. "I'm very sorry," he said finally. "If there's anything I can do?" "It's very kind of you, Prime Minister, but there is nothing. I was sent here tonight to bring you up to date on recent events and to introduce you to my successor.