The Resurrection Stone was kept in the Peverell family, passed down from generation to generation, eventually finding its way to the hands of Marvolo Gaunt, a descendant of the Peverells, in the form of a ring. Apparently, neither Marvolo nor any of his relatives knew the true nature of the ring or the symbol scratched upon it; Marvolo once claimed that the sign was the coat of arms of the Peverells. In 1925, Marvolo and his son Morfin were arrested and sent to Azkaban for attacking Muggles and resisting arrest; the strain of imprisonment and the subsequent flight of his daughter Merope proved too much for Marvolo, and he died soon after he was released, bequeathing the ring to Morfin. In 1943, Tom Riddle, soon-to-be Dark wizard Voldemort and illegitimate son of Merope, stole the ring from Morfin while in Little Hangleton murdering his father and grandparents. Morfin never realized that the stone had been stolen from him, his memory having been expertly modified by Riddle, but he regretted the loss of the ring to the end of his days.