Apart From Our Boy Hero Harry Potter and Villain Lord Voldemort There Is One Very Very Interesting Character Depicted By J.K.Rowling that is Professor.snape who is a heroic villain @ villanous hero.All The Snape Inherent Character Comes Out In the Last Part Of The Story Through His Memory Given To Harry.
Snape is generally depicted as having a dour and intense personality. He is cold, calculating, precise, sarcastic, bitter, and displays a strong dislike of Harry and often insults him by insulting his father, James Potter. As the series progresses, it is revealed that his treatment of Harry stems from Snape's bitter rivalry with James when they were in school together. In particular, James and Sirius Black bullied Snape, which according to Alan Rickman caused the already lonely boy to further "shut himself in". Rowling further described the young Snape as insecure and vulnerable: "Given his time over again [Snape] would not have become a Death Eater, but like many insecure, vulnerable people he craved membership of something big and powerful, something impressive.[...] [H]e was so blinded by his attraction to the dark side he thought [Lily] would find him impressive if he became a real Death Eater."

The adult Snape, on the other hand, is shown very self-assured and confident .Snape is a character with gravitas, authority and power. Snape typically displays a very calm and collected demeanour and is in control, rarely at a loss for words or taken off guard. However his temper is sometimes short where Harry is concerned and positively flares dealing with his erstwhile tormentor Sirius and when accused of cowardice. His otherwise impassive and aloof attitude seems to stem from his belief that people who cannot control their emotions are weak.

Like some other prominent members of Slytherin house, Snape is shown a clever and cunning wizard. He is intelligent and has a keen analytical mind.